Our service is a Package Program through a comprehensive plan of college/university admissions counselling designed to begin working with the student at any time and continuing on through the final university choice. Every family that we work with has unique needs for services. We offer a free consultation to determine how we can best help the student.  

Package Program

This package includes the following services:


  • Evaluation of the student’s admission, personal and extracurricular background.
  • Identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses and provides suggestions to enhance the strengths and address the weaknesses. This would include suggestions for coursework to be taken as well as suggestions for development of the student’s resume.
  • Discuss with the student and their family financial issues that may be important in finding the best college/university fit.
  • Review with the student the criteria for choosing the best college fit.
  • Help to identify appropriate colleges/universities for the student to evaluate.
  • Create the statement that best captured your interests, passions and strengths.
  • Work with the student to determine a standardized testing schedule including determining which standardized tests to take and help with necessary preparation for taking the tests.
  • Help the student identify an appropriate final list of colleges/universities based on all information available.
  • Assist student in all aspects of the application process including discussion of whether early application is appropriate, completion of the application, brainstorming essay ideas and assistance with getting the best recommendations.
  • Prepare the student for interviews and help with mock interviews.
  • Help students and their families evaluate college choices after admission decisions are made.
  • Unlimited contact by phone and email for the student and their parents.