Choosing the right Institution

There are many things to consider when choosing a college or university.
Listed below are some of the factors you will need to consider.

  • Type of institution: Private or Public. College, University or School.
  • Academics: What courses and majors are you looking for?
  • Atmosphere: Liberal, conservative or something in between.
  • Student body and gender: Co-ed College or single sex.
  • Setting: Where do you want to live.Size: Large university or small college.
  • Location: Where do you want to spend the next 4 years?
  • Campus life: What happens on campus when people aren’t in class?
  • Extracurricular activities : the extracurricular activities you engage in are not only fun but can be part of your learning experience.
  • Campus Employment: Many students will hold a part-time job on or off campus while enrolled full time in college. This can be an excellent way to improve English language skills.